Return to Tibits

Today I popped along to Tibits, which is a place very close to my heart, as it was the first restaurant that I did a full review in, and I was blown away by the choice. It is heaven for a vegan, as there are so many choices, for you main and dessert.

Returning today as the blog is coming up to a year old as fantastic and it was so good to see that the standard of this restaurant has become even better than before. This is not to say that it was in anyway not fantastic before but the variety is always changing and the plethora of incredible is always upgrading.

Before heading down to Tibits today I had told myself on the tube, to not over load my plate, this was a complete waste of time because as soon as I arrived it was obvious that I was not going to give a second thought to the amount of food on my plate. I want to eat all of the vegan food available to me.

I had so much on my plate, from onion rings to spring rolls, lentil salad to tofu, my plate was having a party and I was invited! Every element of the plate was delicious, the salad with tomatoes, cucumber and large croutons came with a generous amount of olives was immense. I love olives. I just absolutely love olives. Any salad that wants to welcome olives to be one of the main elements, is always going to find its way to my plate, but this salad had so much flavour, it was so tasty.

I also had a green bean salad which had great flavour and of course, edamame beans had to feature on my plate because they make me feel healthy as soon as I eat them! I had marinated tofu with bean sprouts that balanced perfectly with potato wedges that added a starchy comparison to the light tofu.

I haven’t had onion rings in such a long time, so it was a nice treat to be eating them. Admittedly I only had a few, as I wanted to save some room for other items, but this really was enough, the batter was just how I remember good batter to be, with a little snap to it but not too thick.20634150_119251045389122_1768468649737191424_n

I had a spring roll and some cauliflower also, as well as some delicious za’atar to dip it all in. The whole plate came together well, though I am certain I could have added more to it had I double layered!

Drinks wise I had a Tutti Frutti which is made from orange, apple, pear, kiwi, banana and sea buckthorn syrup, a very satisfying and refreshing drink after eating a mountain of food. Yes, some people climb mountains, I eat them, we all have our talents. They have an entire board of fruit juices to choose from, so whatever fruits you like, I am sure there will be something to tickle your fancy.


Dessert was a must and I decided as the sticky toffee pudding was vegan it would be rude not to try it. I added some vegan cream to it as well as some fresh pineapple, shredded coconut and some chopped nuts. This was ambrosial, I could eat this all day every day.

I felt like I would try something slightly more extravagant than an average latte and plumped for the vanilla matcha latte, what a triumph! Probably my new favourite drink, this went superbly well with the dessert and round of the meal so well.


I could not physically eat anymore, though decided that I would agree to leave with a slice of cake, for ‘later’, as my insatiable sweet tooth ran riot once more. This decadent slice of cake was divine, beyond any other description. Chocolate cake is something I try to not come across too often but when it is offered to me, I can rarely say no. This is the exception to rule as it was vegan obviously and had so much flavour, it was over run with sweetness, it was all things tasty and chocolatey. I am hoping them have it next time I go!

To cut a very long and calorific story short, if you want a healthy, delicious meal close to Oxford Street and Regent Street, head down to Heddon Street, Tibits where you will never be disappointed. Your plate is weighed so you pay by weight rather than per dish. Give it a try you will not be disappointed, I promise you that.



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