Nimble Nix + Kix

Nix + Kix have created some ingenious drinks that all come with a twist, yes, they all come complete with a kick of cayenne pepper at the end. Something that I happen to think is pretty perfect for this time of year.

Topped with plenty of ice, these drinks are perfect for a hot Summer’s day, with their ‘adult’ approach to soft drinks, these are drinks are definitely a conversation piece. The work so well with nibbles and would be perfect at a barbecue.

I personally favour the Peach and Vanilla, which worked so well with a fruit salad that I had, I would serve this as a dessert to guests with this beverage designed to get the taste buds tingling. 

They also have other flavours that are just as certain to get tongues wagging with their Mango and Ginger flavours balancing out spice and sweetness in such a refreshing manner. The spice of the ginger really works with the cayenne and the mango tones it all done into a sultry Summer number before things get to spicy.
The cucumber and mint is perfect for a lunch date or picnic with such a wonderfully refreshing and clearly different flavour to any other drink featuring this classic pairing. The cayenne feels so wrong but so right in this combination, for the cucumber and mint shout cooling, whilst the cayenne heats up the mouth party, only to come together as an array of refreshing joy.

They taste incredible ice cold and I would recommend serving them so, but whether you are serving them in a jam jar or a champagne flute, these soft drinks are going to cause a storm of enquiry, well worth trying out this Summer, just for the ‘oooh’s’. Check out their website for stockists closest to you!

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