Gentle Human + Kind

I recently have starting using Human + Kind products in my daily routine, their 2 in 1 body wash and shampoo is amazing, I love how it washes my hair well without leaving it puffy afterward which is what normally happens when I try 2 in 1’s. It is so nice to wash with as well and I use it on my face too, which is really sensitive and I have had no issues. When I use it with my exfoliating mitt it lathers up well which is why I have been using it more regularly than my other shower gels. In fact, I think it is fair to say I have converted all together. My skin has felt so soft since using this and my hair, that I only wash with products once a week maximum, has had such a lovely gloss on it.

I also have a moisturiser which is meant to be used for hands, elbows and feet, however, my elbows were in need of assistance so have been using mainly on them. It has made such a big difference and has given me the confidence to get my ‘bows out again, as before I always worried about how dry they looked/were. Made from watermelon it is super hydrating but doesn’t leave any nasty residue on your hands afterwards, so you can use it on the move. I tend to keep mine my bag and then if I want to moisturise my hands or elbows on the move then I can with ease, don’t worry, I will never get my feet out in public – ever!

The last product of Human + Kind I have been using is their lip balm, it is a raspberry lip balm and it is fantastic. It keeps my lips looking healthy, and stays on my lips for hours, which is something I have been wanting to find in a lip balm stick for ages. This has helped to keep my lips hydrated and I would definitely recommend if you are looking for something new to try for your lips.

I am so happy I have found this products this early in to the Summer as I hoping to see more benefits the longer I use them. As I have mentioned I have really sensitive skin, especially my face and these product do not irritate my skin at all. I will be looking to explore more of their products and will blog again when I do to let you know what else I have used.

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