Comforting Carbonara

Carbonara, was one of my favourite things as a child, it was so creamy and filling. Obviously, as an adult I wanted to eat the same food but without the cruelty involved in making it, so I decided to make a vegan carbonara.

I have made 2 versions to show you guys one with mushrooms and one without so if you don’t like mushrooms just add some more vegan bacon or ham whatever you have got going on in your fridge.

I used Vegusto’s ‘No Moo’ Melty cheese to give this dish a bit more decadence in the cream department, this is my favourite cheese to use when cooking with it, as it melts to well and really has such a wonderful flavour. I also really like their block cheese these also melt so well and if you wanted to grate some of this in to the sauce too it will give you a thicker consistency and a really cheesy flavour.

I also used some Vegusto’s sausage for this as I love the texture of it and it can be sliced really thin and use with the vegan ham I always use from Vbites. It really is up to you what you put in the carbonara as far a mock meats go, you can leave them out entirely if it is your preference, I just find them really nice in this dish.

If you want to use fresh mushrooms then add this half way through the cooking process, I like to use dried forest mushrooms, as they add so much flavour and have so many different textures. If you are using dried mushrooms you will need to hydrate them before you start the cooking process. My dried mushrooms are from Uncle Roy’s, they are the best I have tasted so far and highly recommend going to their website to check out their mushroom selection.

The best vegan cream brand I have found to date is Oatly. I always have some in my fridge or in the cupboard to hand for when I want to cook something in a hurry. They can make any dish delicious and I highly recommend using this brand for this dish. 

It is really up to you what pasta you use, and as they vary so greatly in cooking time it is best you cook it according to the instructions. This is best served straight away so try to get the pasta ready for the same time as then you can stir it in to the sauce before serving.

I am also using Good Karma Food Garlic seasoning, this is a cross between nutritional yeast and stock in terms of flavour, it really brings the dish to life. You can swap this for nutritional yeast.

This recipe will serve 4 portions. As I have said it is best served straight away, though if you are wanting to keep it over night do not add the pasta until it is ready to be served as it will dry out the sauce.

Ingredients –

1 cup x sliced mushrooms

½ cup x vegan ham

½ cup x vegan sausage, diced finely

2 tablespoons x Vegusto ‘No Moo’ Melty Cheese

2 cartoons x Oatly cream

1 x red onion, diced finely

1 tablespoon x black pepper

2 tablespoons x Good Karma Garlic flavouring/ nutritional yeast

1 tablespoons x coconut oil

Optional Ingredients –

1/2 cup x Vegusto ‘No Moo’ Piquant cheese

1 tablespoon x garlic puree

1/2 cup x vegan bacon

Method –

1. Add the coconut oil to a pan on medium heat and add the onions.

2. Keep the onions moving in the pan continuously until soft and then add the cream.

3. Stir well ensuring that none of the onions gets stuck to the bottom and allow to simmer for 2-3 minutes before adding the cheese. 

4. Ensure the cheese has melted into the sauce and thickened slightly before adding the rest of the ingredients.

5. Keep stirring until piping hot all the way through.

6. If serving immediately add your drained pasta of choice and take oof the heat ensuring to coat all of the pasta with the sauce.

7. Serve immediately with generous amounts of garlic bread.

The one rule I have for this dish, no matter how many or little ingredients you decide to put in it, is to sit down at the table and enjoy it. No phones or television, this is a really good meal to simply enjoy.

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