Nourishing Nosh Detox

Over the last 3 days, I have been doing the Nosh raw detox, which has been quite the experience. I am going to talk you through each day and how I have felt whilst doing this cleanse.

This was so different to any cleanse I have done before purely because there are sachets involved, I will explain more about them as I go along also. I wasn’t necessarily trying to lose weight when participating in this cleanse, I just really love how my body feels once I have had a good detox and for me, the raw cleanses seem to work the best. However, I have lost around 6 pounds during this cleanse and considering that I am about to embark on a European food tour, this really could not have come at a greater time!

So, the detox consists of 6 raw smoothies per day as well as 2 ‘colon cleanse’ sachets per day. I started on a Monday as I figured I would grab the week by the horns and get on with it and I have to say there are worse things to be drinking a smoothie consisting of banana, oat milk, red grape, dates, almonds, cardamom seeds and chia seeds. All of which were delicious together and very filling, but an hour before this I had had my colon cleansing sachet, which made my stomach make some hilarious noises.

I followed this with some water, this is suggested but as I usually drink a litre when I wake up this was quite normal for me. I then had some black rooibos tea just to make myself feel a little bit more like I was in my usual routine and started blogging.

An hour or so later I was feeling quite hungry by now and my stomach was beginning to sound like a mini Mariachi band, so I had my second smoothie. This time it was a gorgeous smoothie filled with mango, pineapple, apple, water, mint, superfood (alfalfa, seagreens, spirulina, rosehip, chlorella, apple powder, acerola, acai berry, linseed). This may sound like a lot of ingredients because it is and it was also very filling and perked me up slightly, though I am predominantly a food blogger, so looking at photos of food was not helping the cause.

However, I remained strong and drank some hot tea, which seems to quell the need for a toastie. I then had my second sachet, which caused me slight alarm, as my stomach bloated out for around 1 hour, there was no pain, but definitely looked like I was with child for a while, however, I drank my third smoothie and this seemed to subside. The third smoothie was a coconut cream, grapes, mandarin, banana, acai berry, which packed quite a bit of flavour and the coconut cream was very satisfying when hungry.

Around 5 pm I had another of the mango, pineapple, apple, water, mint smoothies with all of the superfoods as before, this really helped to make me feel quite full and I drank quite a bit of water after this which helped also.

An hour after this it was time to take another sachet and without being too graphic, it was not long after this that my stomach did feel finally empty.I had one last smoothie before the end of the day which was the coconut cream based smoothie again so this was rather nice. I did end up going to bed relatively early after this as I felt rather exhausted and wanted to get a good night sleep in order to make the most of the detox.

I woke up in the morning with quite a lot of spots around my usual break out areas (chin and mouth), which for me personally is a good sign that toxins are emergings so I swiftly covered my face with tea tree oil and repeating the steps of the day before.

The second day was slightly better for me in terms of hunger etc, though I did have some travel plans to make so tried not to stare at food as much as I did they day before. I also drank peppermint tea and rooibus as I felt this ‘variety’ was a distraction from the not so distant want for food. I did find the smoothies filling however and the cleansing sachets did contuining to cause bloating on the second day but it only last for less than an hour per time and I really did feel the difference in my stomach after it had gone.

The third day was probably the toughest for me, mainly because I had tonnes of recipes to work through for work, so food was on my mind, however I kept strong and managed to drink more water than I do usually which was a big plus for me. My spots had died down ever so slightly, but still felt that it was best to be a hermit for the day regardless. I did have great sleep the night before though so my energy levels were up and I managed to get a lot of material ready for the blog, which suprised me, as I had quite a bad headache in the morning, though it had seemed to clear by 11.30am so too bad. I am used to getting headaches when detoxing but as I had avoided it for the first 2 days thought I had managed to escape it entirely.

Though my spots were still apparent, my skin was definitely softer and after I had exfoliated my face, as I routinely do, it was obvious that my skin had a nice glow, which gave me such a great feeling. I really felt like this alone made the detox worth while because I have an olive complexion and so when my skin has a nice glow added to the tan that I have picked up slightly when I am not blogging, this really gave me a confidence boost.

After the last smoothie on the third day I continued to drink lots of water up until about an hour before bed, this seemed to really help in terms of cleansing my stomach as it made me feel so hydrated and genuienly cleansed. It is kind of hard to explain the feeling when your stomach feels cleansed but it definitely felt less bloated and over all I felt lighter, with so much energy. The weight loss did come as a shock to me, though I can see a difference around my hip and think that it has tackled quite a tough area for me, so am hapy with this also.

If you are prone to spots when partaking in detoxes then I recommend buying some pure teatree oil and dabbing it on the trouble areas before bed at night and after your shower in the morning. It dries in no time at all and will really help clear up those spots. Even if you aren’t detoxing I recommned this, I also use teatree wipes on my face also as it helps to maintain a blemish free face. My skin has been fairly clear recently, so it is easy to see when detoxing that my pores are being cleansed. I will be writing a blog on some of the tips for clear skin but if you haven’t already got coconut and teatree oil theyre a great place to start.

I would recommned that if you want a cleanse that will completely cleanse your stomach and colon, this is really good. It is different to the other cleanses I have done before purely because of the sachets as these really did help my stomach and just gave it a little extra help.


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