Crucial Cracker Drinks

There is always juice in my fridge and when it is hot I go through it very quickly, as you know by now guys, I remain hydrated always. Though don’t drink straight from the carton guys, come on, that’s gross.

When I want some good juice in the fridge I tend to always go for those with the freshest flavour combinations as I know this is going to wake up my taste buds especially when I have it with breakfast.


The awesome people at The Cracker Drinks Co. let me taste some of their delicious new Crafted combinations and I have to say I am very impressed.

For a girl who drinks a lot of apple juice, I can quite honestly say I have never had Apple, Lime and Mint juice before now and well, what a surprise! I had this with dinner for the first time, I had become over come with the heat of the oven, (it‘s a usual occurrence), and reached for the first juice I could find. The apple hit my tongue first, then the lime blasted it and the mint followed casually behind to pacify the palate, it was so good, I felt myself doing what my Dad does when he likes something and over studying the packaging.

Moving on to an already favourite drink of mine lemonade, not the fizzy kind, the still, lemon is popping in your mouth kind and yes, Cracker’s Cloudy Lemonade lived up to my expectations here, this probably too satisfying for me., as in I could get through far too much of this, so think it is best that we remain distant best friends.


Now, I want to know who made the pineapple, coconut and lime concoction because this is art. Simply, art. The taste combination is so smooth and tropical, this is not just a drink for a thirst quencher, this is for the designated drivers, for the non-drinkers and the people who want to wake up with a clear head in the morning, this is a cocktail all on its own.

Lastly, the firework in the drinks department passion fruit and mango. This is naughty. Naughty, but oh so nice, this combination was definitely one of my favourites, well they are all my favourite actually, but this one just made such a gorgeous morning drink. I drank this whilst eating breakfast a few times and found it to be very satisfying, especially if you’re like me and have dry mouth issues first thing in the morning, or whenever you wake up, no judgement here!

These are such great drinks for Summer, they are refreshing light and different, and different is always good. If you want to try something new and exciting this Summer, then these drinks are definitely ones to be kept in mind. You can find them in most supermarkets and they are reasonably priced too, none of this £4 for a litre nonsense.

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