Boldly BOL

When it comes to being peckish, let’s be honest, sometimes you want to eat there and then, no fussing around with chopping and prepping, no waiting for this to boil and that to cook, but the one thing I can’t stand more than all of this is bland food. We have all been there, popped in to get a quick meal and ended up eating something that tasted like hot cardboard.

Well, not any more my friends, oh no, BOL foods have come up with some delicious quick meals that are vegan and taste incredible. Ranging from Thai Coconut Curry to Mexican Sweet Potato Chilli, these are meals in a hurry that are destined to cause lunch envy.

Veg Pot V2 - Staggered flatter base-03

Let me walk you through the options that BOL generously sent me to try out… starting off with the Thai Coconut Curry, which packed a relative punch of heat, with wild and brown rice, veggies and Chinese leaf and pak choi, water chestnuts in a bold coconut red Thai style curry sauce, this was a lunch to remember. You can either microwave these pots if short of time or if like me you prefer to cook on the hob then you will be eating within no time, as well at securing 2 of your 5 a day and all under 300 calories!

Thai Coconut Curry

Moving on to my personal favourite the Jamaican Jerk Curry, this was divine, tasty and spicy with a little bit of relief from the heat with the pineapple and sweet potato, it also has black beans, black eyed beans, red kidney beans, savoy cabbage and sweetcorn which all worked wonderfully with the Caribbean style sauce that coated the ingredients beautifully. If you like a bit of spice for lunch then this one is definitely for you.

Jamaican Jerk Curry

If you are looking for a milder approach to your lunch then perhaps the Sri Lankan Sambar will be more up your street with Spinach, cauliflower, lentils and coconut, this is a satisfyingly mild dish that will be sure to get your taste buds flowing with 18g of protein just for the pleasure, as well as a nice healthy dose of fibre!

Sri Lankan Sambar

Last but most certainly not least the Mexican Sweet Potato Chilli pot packed with sweet potato, kale, red quinoa, black turtle beans, smoked paprika and of course a warming amount of spice, 10g of protein and an explosion of flavour, this pot is not for the faint-hearted, experienced taste handlers only.

Mexcian Sweet Potato Chilli

I love these pots and am going to be stocking my fridge up with them so that I never have to endure a bland lunch again!


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