So Free, So Delicious

I have been eating my way through a whole stash of So Free chocolate bars over the last few weeks and have found them to be incredibly moreish and utterly satisfying. They are made by a company that I absolutely love – Plamil. If you haven’t checked out their products then I would suggest popping over to their website, as they have so many delicious vegan alternative products.

I am a massive fan of orange and mint chocolate so it was pretty much a given that these would go down well, the flavours are spot on with these chocolate bars.

I really loved the Organic dark chocolate bar that is sweetened with coconut blossom, this is such a delicious but dangerous thing to have in the cupboard. It is so good, the sweetness of the coconut blossom works so well with the bitterness of the dark chocolate. This was surprisingly probably my favourite, as it was something I hadn’t really enjoyed before.

The milk chocolate alternative was just as I expected and worked really well in cupcakes when I cut it into little pieces. This is a great idea for children as it tastes like milk chocolate just without the nasties.

Their white chocolate was good, which I made me very happy as I have often struggled to find decent white chocolate alternatives that don’t just take like sugar, this had a good flavour, I have some left that I am going to make some muffins with at some point if I don’t it.

The dark chocolates were rich and decadent as expected, perfect for watching a film with or topping porridge with. I liked these very much, as I often eat dark chocolate these were great, I really like the 87% chocolate, this was so rich and bold, just how I like dark chocolate.

If you haven’t already tried these, then I highly recommend giving them a go, I promise once you start eating them, you won’t be able to stop!

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  1. I haven’t seen these before, but they look gooood!


    1. So good! They are so delicious, they are great for cooking with as well.

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