Pleasant Potato Project

A short walk from Oxford Circus is the most splendid eatery selling mostly potatoes, yup, baked potatoes are the main gist of the menu down at The Potato Project and wow, are they special.

I had the Black Beans, Lime Guacamole & Corn Salsa on a sweet potato that was baked to perfection, the filling was just that and so much more, with flavours built upon the palate with every mouthful.

The lime guac was refreshing and satisfying and the corn salsa with red onion spiced up the dish a bit with the black pepper tingling the tongue, the black beans added some substance and of course goodness. The whole thing really was epic, such a wonderful way to spend your lunch time.


My sweet potato was rather large so it filled me up rather well, which is a rare thing. Priced at £6.85 which I think is more than fair especially given the location.

You are able to sit in the restaurant though, if you should choose to take away then your potato will be packed away into a box so easily transportable to the enjoy the sunshine, of course, perfect for the less warm days too.

This is a great place to great lunch if nearby, especially if you are super hungry as I always am! If you want to make your own topping decisions then you can, of course, choose what goes onto your jacket whether it be simple beans and jacket kind of day or a sophisticated sweet potato occasion, get down there and try it!

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