Magical Merles Kitchen

Ever since I was a little girl reading The Chronicles of Narnia, I have been obsessed with Turkish delights, when the Snow Queen offered them to Edward, there was such a magical feel to these delicious delights. My Nan would buy me a hexagonal box of them around Christmas time and I would sit and eat them, feeling like the back of her wardrobe may harbour more than my Granddad’s jumpers.


Since being vegan I had not been able to find a Turkish Delight that I could eat – until now! Merles Kitchen makes the most delicious Turkish Delight and yes, of course, they are vegan, coated in powdered sorcery, these beauties are simply irresistible.

They are hand made using sugar, cornflour, lemon, rosewater, that’s it, well and the added magic of course. I challenge you to eat only one at a time, you will be surprised at how much control you will have when it comes to savouring these, as they are mouth-wateringly good.

Everything you would associate with delights these are and more, the taste of rose is perfectly balanced, the texture is chewy at first then melts in the mouth so effortlessly. Perfect as a gift to a vegan loved one (if any of my friends or family are reading this, that means me!). These little squares of joy will make anyone’s day, I highly recommend trying them!

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