Appetising Autumn Yard

Nestled in to the far end of Hackney Studios is Autumn Yard – a quirky eating establishment with many options for vegans. Naturally, I indulged.

Being that I visited on such a hot day I was very happy to see that water bottles are on every table, hydration is key in this weather after all.

I perused the menu for a while before decided to opt for sweet potato fries with some vegetable crisps and a leaf salad, with slaw, all vegan, of course, served with a slightly spiced vegan mayonnaise that was very good indeed.

I really like the feel of this place, it was very open and casual, yet the food was exceptional and healthy. It is also worth mentioning that considering the portion size and quality of the food the prices are extremely reasonable.

If all of this refreshing loveliness was not enough, they also sell fresh produce like fruit and vegetables, which I really liked the look of. The also have some wonderful breakfast options such as Hot Banana Bread with Fruit Compote, Coconut, Chili & Lime which is served between 9.00 – 11.30 Monday to Friday, I myself am not a morning person, though this may have to change!

The lunch/dinner menu is served from 11.30 – 17.00 and this is where all of the delicious hot boxes and wraps are served up. The staff were really friendly and will happily ask the chefs whether something is vegan or not or whether something that isn’t vegan on the menu can be veganised which I really love.

If you are in the area at the weekend this brunch is served between 10.00 – 18.00 so well worth a saunter down, if you are in the area, there is also a nice seating area outside which is perfect for catching rays.

There is also a plethora of fruit drinks to be had, I decided to stay with just water as I really had overheated on the walk to the restaurant, however, have made plans to go back with family in the next few weeks so will update on what I had then.

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