Protein Building with Body Me

Recently I have been eating Body Me protein bar, mainly because I wanted to have some decent protein snacks to take with me on the move and also because they taste so good. 

There are a lot of good tasting protein snacks out there and I do like to rotate what I am eating but for me, at the moment these seem to be doing the trick.They are a delicious treat for after yoga or a long walk and as well as tasting good, I know I am getting an extra boost of protein to assist my workouts. I usually eat one after working out with some water and sometimes if I want to have something before a workout then I will even eat one before and after.

The bars are all vegan, organic and raw and contain no nasties, just simple raw fruits, nuts oils and super foods. This is really good to hear because I see so many protein bars that contains so much junk that your body simply does not need, so it is nice to know that there is a healthy alternative. They are also ethically produced, so tick all of the boxes for me.

The cacao mint bar is probably my favourite and this gives 16.2 g of protein per bar, which is impressive especially as it tastes so good! This is not the only flavour though, oh no, they do also have chia vanilla, which is also really tasty,  and a cacao orange flavour that reminds me of Christmas for some reason.

Whether you’re vegan or not, if you want to top up your protein then these bars are a delicious way to do so. If you head over to the Body Me website they have a whole range of protein and superfood solutions that are sure to have you feel fine in no time! It works out cheaper to buy in bulk, so it is probably best to find a flavour you like first and the order a box.

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