Epic Est. India

If you read my blogs are following me on Instagram, then you will already know I am a massive fan of spicy food, the spicier the better in fact. That is why I love Indian food because the balance between the spices is something I look forward to.

 Earlier this evening I went to Est. India, which is located down Union Street, close to Southwark and London Bridge Station. As soon as I walked into the restaurant it was clear that this was a classy establishment. The decor was nice and we were greeted at the door, which was delightful.


The menu had plenty of options for vegans so it took me 2 servings of poppadums to decide on what I wanted to eat, eventually opting for an array of Indian delights starting with Makai Aloo Tikki which are deep-fried sweetcorn and potato cakes, absolutely delicious crispy on the outside yet still soft in the middle.


This was shortly followed by the mains, which obviously I had more than one of, 2 mains and 2 sides to be precise because well, you know, we were ‘sharing’.


First, up Vegetable Biryani which arrived at the table in an individually sealed pot, needless to say, this was quickly devoured because the rice was cooked to perfection and the spices were perfectly balanced, paired with the relatively spicy Mushroom Bhaji which was so good, probably the best I have ever had the flavours were incredible, a great depth of spice but not just spice a great wealth of other aromas came through on the palate too.


Not being the greatest fan of rice, I opted for Saag Aloo, which is one of my favourite things to eat and something I regularly (attempt to) make at home. Considering this is something I order on a frequent basis, this again stood out as one of the best I have had, for the second side I had a Peshwari Naan, with coconut and almond calming down the spice sensations in the mouth.


To conclude this sensational meal, a fresh mint tea with a hint of chai was required to digest the sheer amount of food that I had eaten.


All in all an incredible meal will definitely be heading back for some more Saag Aloo and Mushroom Bhaji, amongst other things of course!!

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