Tasty Tideford Organics

There are many words that you would associate with Summer, but I am guessing ‘soup’ would probably not be the first one of your tongue. Tideford Organics, however, have made some very Summery Soups indeed. I am a huge fan of Tideford Organic products, mainly because they are all plant based and obviously, delicious!

 Starting with their Andalucian style Gazpacho with cucumber, red pepper and tomato, classically refreshing. This is perfect to serve at a dinner party, or for lunch when you really want something quick and tasty.They do also have some fantastic hot soups, in particular, their red lentil, apricot and chilli soup, which offers the perfect flavour combinations for Summer, the combination of apricot and chill works so well, perfect with lots of crusty bread.


When it comes to the Summer and evening meals, it is easy to get lost in salads, I myself am a salad but sometimes even I want a wholesome and filling pasta dish that won’t take longer than 15 minutes, with no washing up? Sound perfect? Then Tideford Organics Ragu Bolognese has to be tried! It is ready in minutes and tastes so good.

If you have got a little bit more time, then why not try their tomato and basil sauce as a fantastic base, I use it for hotpots, stews and of course pasta. It has such a great flavour, as the balance of basil with tomato makes this a superb base to any dish.
If you haven’t already tried their products then I suggest this Summer be the time to start!

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