Marvellous Mommi

Less than 5 minutes from Clapham North station, is a Japanese-Peruvian restaurant, Mommi. Yes, you are reading that correctly, this food is inspired by the Japanese foods that were adapted to the Peruvian cuisine as Japanese people moved to settle in Peru. This is an unimaginably delicious fusion.


The restaurant is set up in a way that you can see the chefs creating the culinary masterpieces before the amazing staff serve it to your table. The tables are mainly booths that are inside but as there is no wall separating them from the outside, it is perfect for a hot summer’s day. The decor is gorgeous and the layout of the restaurant has such a nice spacious vibe that really does add to the coolness during the heat.


Arriving at the restaurant in the 30-degree heat it was fair to say I required an immediate beverage, this being the Sangrita, which is tequila, agave, a spiced mix and citrus, with a frozen combination of coriander, jalapeno and mint. In hindsight, this was probably not the best drink to have to quickly drink to quench my thirst but it was spicy very different to anything I have ever had before. I also managed to plough my way through to serving of salted Edamame which was delicious, as with all edamame.

 The concept it to pick dishes each that are small plates to share, it was suggested to order 3 plates with the addition of a side, so this is what I did. The staff we so friendly and were able to offer many suggestions in terms of the vegan options for food, as well as drinks. This is what lead me to order the sweet potato, choclo, heirloom tomato & sea asparagus ceviche, which due to the Citrus Leche De Tigre, packed an almighty punch of heat, it was a very refreshing dish to start with, bursting with flavour and vibrant.


This was this followed by a spiced aubergine dish that was cook with some amazing mash potato, that had been coloured by beetroot to make it a wonderful deep pink, served with pomegranate, this made for such an inspired dish. This came along with the tempura vegetables consisting of courgette & broccoli, that was absolutely delicious, not only did it have lots of flavours but the tempura offered a variety of textures that made this a great sharing dish.


To finish all of this off I had some sweet potato fries, which again offered a variance in flavours, as this whole meal was an entirely new concept to me, the flavours were so different to what I had expected entirely, though it was truly delicious. 

Also, had some asparagus, tenderstem broccoli  &  sugar snap peas, with sesame seeds and ginger oil, which had subtle flavours yet was a welcomed contrast to the spicier dishes.

During my time I did also indulge in a few Mojitos which were perfectly blended. My friend also had a Miraflores Numero Dos, which was incorporated gin, elderflower, sherry and orange all into a beautifully presented cocktail.

 To conclude the meal we decided that tequila would be a great option, only for the waiter to suggest that we swap the wedge of lemon and salt, to a wedge of orange, this really was a great piece of advice, as the orange instantaneously neutralised the tequila and left a warm and refreshing taste in the mouth. This was accompanied by a pretty bowl of sorbet which was a perfect end to a wonderful meal.

Mommi offers a dining experience so different to anything I have ever eaten before, it is a fusion that works so well and I will definitely be visiting back soon to try out more of their options. If you are in Clapham over the Summer, this is definitely a place to try!

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