‘O Ver Odyssey

I had such an enjoyable meal at ‘O Ver last week, a modern Italian restaurant close to London Bridge. The weather was perfect for the occasion, which made the meal even better. As the sun was gracing London with its presence, I thought it a great opportunity to dine outside. This worked out very well, with the delicious food and thirst quenching non-alcoholic cocktails –  I was in my element.
The staff were so accommodating and it was really great, as always to have a knowledgeable waitress who could advise exactly what was and what was not vegan, always very helpful. I don’t think my drink was ever less than half full before it was topped up again and for this, I was very grateful, especially given the heat of the day.
Starting off with a generous portion olives and the Mixed vegetables, which were grilled and marinated in sea water, with lemongrass and fresh mint and then arrange a delicate parcel, each layer showcasing a different vegetable. This was absolutely delicious and made for a very refreshing and light starter to start off this incredible meal.
As I arrived as rather a hot bundle, I decided it best to start with some much needed sparkling water and then with my food I sipped a Galvanina Chinotto with contentment. The refreshing sourness of this drink was well received, such a fresh and sour beverage.
For my main, I opted for a pizza with Chiodini mushrooms, black olives and vegan mozzarella. I am happy to have pizza without cheese in restaurants, as I do like it with or without but when a vegan cheese option is there, I am obviously going to try it. In this case, I am very happy that I did because of the creaminess of the mozzarella, with the earthy mushrooms, made such a great flavour combination. The olives made a great addition to this also, the pizza base was perfect. I could not have loved this pizza more, it really was an absolute joy to have eaten such amazing food in the most incredible weather, with such great company – (Hi Mum!).
Whilst we are mentioning my Mum, it is worth mentioning that she opted for the Spaghetti Sciue Sciue, which was in a rich tomato sauce, made purely from Piennolo tomatoes, organic olive oil and fresh basil. A very simple but beautifully presented dish, my Mum is a bit of a pasta aficionado declared that this was the best pasta she has ever had.
After devouring a whole pizza, I thought it best to opt out of a dessert and have a black decaf coffee instead, again as with every other part of this meal, the coffee was perfect, strong and bold, with the brown sugar just taking the edge off to the much-loved bitterness of a good coffee.

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