Top 10 Burgers for Summer 

Summer is almost here, which means it is time to start thinking of what vegan options to whack on that barbecue. I have been eating my way through all of the good stuff so that I could create my top 10’s of pretty much everything barbecue/picnic. I thought I should kick off with the most obvious thing – burgers.

Ah yes, burgers, those patties of deliciousness that are vegan in abundance. Why on earth would you want to eat a non-vegan burger when there are so many vegan burgers to tickle your taste buds? Well, that is why I am gifting my top 10 for you to get through this Summer!

#10 – Quorn’s Spicy Burger

These little patties pack a punch of heat, they are slightly smaller than your average burger but perfect for when you are wanting a quick burger with a very good depth of heat. The consistency is like a chicken burger and is perfect with plenty of ketchup and vegan cheese.

#9 – Gosh! Mushroom, Butter Bean & Puy Lentil Burger

This is a filling burger, packed with flavour with a great texture, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, perfect to have minus the bun or as a super whopper of a burger.

#8 -Linda McCartney’s Mushroom & Spinach Burger

This dense little burger has a great texture, that really holds well together to make a great ‘traditional’ burger, I like to add mushrooms and spinach in the burger with some cheese to really bring out the flavours.

#7 – Dragonfly Country Vegetable Burger

This is such a great burger to have when you are wanting something filling and tasty that is packed full of veggies. It has such a good flavour and really makes a wholesome burger, especially when served in a bun with ketchup and fresh lettuce and tomatoes.

#6 – Vbites Southern Fried Chicken Style Burger

This burger is probably the closest to a Southern Fried Chicken I have tasted since being vegan, the coating is insanely moreish and the burger itself is delicious. I topped mine with some spinach that I sautéed in garlic with some vegan cheese and it was incredible.

#5 – Terra Vegane Black Bean Burger

This is a slab of a burger, by that I mean that this burger is huge! It has the texture of a burger with the taste of black beans, and as it is so big, it warrants a large burger bun some onions, cheese and of course sauce.

#4 – Gosh! Beetroot, Kale & Quinoa Burger

The colour of this burger alone shouts ‘SUMMER’ to me, it is the most beautiful colour from the beetroot and has a wonderful hint of mint, that really lifts the flavours of this wholesome burger. Like their Mushroom, Butter Bean & Puy Lentil burger, this is a hearty burger that is very filling and extremely delicious either in a bun or bun-less with coleslaw and some sweet potato chips. 

#3 – Terra Vegane Classic Vegan Burgers

This burger is so good that when I realised there were 4 in a packet I became very excited indeed. These are exactly as described – Classic burgers. They are something to be savoured as the classic burger taste works so well and cook so well on the barbecue! I strongly suggest serving them with Terra Vegane’s Mac & Cheez for a decadent food discovery.

#2 – Vbites Quarter Pounder Burger

These burgers are the closest I have found to a traditional quarter pounder, not only are they delicious and have the exact texture of a quarter pounder, without the cruelty. These burgers are absolute divine and they are perfect for barbecues, with a good wedge of cheese and ketchup in a bun, they are completely awesome!

#1 – Vbites Peri Peri Burger

This burger is the clear winner for me, the taste is so good, the depth of the spices with the texture of the burger, makes this a no brainer for me. They are the perfect burger, as they are packed full of flavours that work with just about every side dish you could think of. Not only are they juicy as you would expect a burger to be, they have such a great level of spice and flavour, they barbecue so well and they are perfect with cucumber and lettuce in a bun, with ketchup or vegan mayo! These have to be tried this Summer!

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