Summer Must Try’s

With the Summer Solstice fast approaching there is no time like the present to get Summer ready….vegan style. Yes! It is almost Summer here in the UK which means I am going to be running through my Top 10’s, which will cover everything from burgers and Summers eats to beauty and all that jazz. 

If you need it for the Summer, I will be letting you know about it, so subscribe to my blog or keep checking back for updates and I will post reminders on my IG page for those of you who follow me there, for those of you who don’t, please do, so that I can update you on how to have an awesome vegan Summer.

I will of course be sharing my recipes and what I eating during the Summer months, which will include an abundance of avocado recipes and ideas. Also, as I have mention copious times, it is so important to stay hydrated so I will be showing you guys where you can get some pretty tasty drinks and which water bottles/jugs are a must for the months ahead.

If you are not vegan already but are starting to think about it, then Summer is the perfect time to *MJ voice* make that chaaaaange. You really couldn’t pick an easier time to go vegan and no, you won’t be stuck with side salads, as I will be giving you guys the low down on the best places to eat vegan across London and letting you in on all of the places I have found that aren’t vegan but make incredible vegan food.

So whether you are a living in London, or due to be passing through this Summer, I will be guiding you to the hot spots for food and all things vegan and cruelty free. As well as the best beauty products to give you a glow to be proud of! 

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  1. what a gorgeous blog you have – I LOVE this post!! 🙂


    1. thank you so much 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My pleasure! Have a great day! 🙂


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