I Heart iChoc

There are so many different type of vegan chocolate brands nowadays that it can become almost impossible to choose what type you want to eat on any given day, this is where IChoc comes in as they have such a vast variety of delicious chocolates you will never get bored of eating it again!

They have such a plethora of chocolate types that it is impossible to get bored, even for a certified chocoholic such as myself. My favourite would probably Choco Cookie or White Nougat Crisp. 

The Choco Cookie had pieces of cookie throughout the bar, which was delicious and decadent. The cookie in it was like Oreo broken up in to tiny pieces and slathered in chocolate, which is never a bad thing and in fact I only wish that this bar came in an extra large bar because that is the only logistical way that I am sharing it…maybe.

The White Nougat Crisp was a whole different idea of chocolate, it tasted like Caramac, which is something that cannot be missed as far as I am concerned, it was so smooth and delicious with the nougat adding some texture to this piece of heaven.

The others however were as enjoyable just these 2 were flavours I personally prefer. The best thing about these chocolates is that each flavours has such a uniqueness, this is something I admire as I have had so many chocolate bars that add a touch of flavour to make them different but ultimately are the same. It was refreshing to have different flavours in the white chocolates as well as the normal, and the nuts were a welcome addition also.

These are such great chocolates to have on hand for a night in with a film. If you are anything like me then it won’t be hard to get through numerous packets without too much trouble, which is why the different flavours allow for this so well.

Definitely recommend every vegan and non vegan, wanting to try something new, to check out these guys and their awesome range of chocolate bliss! 100% PBP approved!

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