Outstanding Olivelli

Down one the side streets of Oxford Street, is a glorious restaurant Olivelli, with the its charm spilling out into the street, this wonderful restaurant is a great pit stop when visiting this area of London. The restaurant has a classic theme, that is instantly inviting, with seating outside, for those who like me, enjoy the snippets of sunshine London has to offer.

The staff were exceptionally friendly including the wonderful Giovanni made the experience unforgettable with his stories of Sicily and insight to the traditional food that his Mother would make. This was also evident in the food as the restaurant made tasty vegan food effortlessly and I was very happy to be advised that as all of the food is made fresh to order, removing an item, such as cheese from a dish is no problem at all. 

It was discovering that I could choose to remove items that were not vegan from any dish that lead me to try the show stopper that was the vegetarian antipasto, consisting of panelle, courgette flowers fritters, olives, tomato and aubergine bruschetta, artichokes, aubergines and sundried  tomatoes. This was for 2 to share and the portion size was very generous, for two people, though the selection is vast and gives so many different texture and flavour combinations. My Mum and I were nodding and ‘mmm-ing’ to one another as we made our way through this feast of a starter.
After devouring this and we really did finish the whole thing in quite a short space of time, it was of course, time for the main. I wanted to try out the pizza, as the base is vegan and the removal of cheese made all the veggie options vegan, so I thought I would try out the Foresta which was made with porcini, chiodini, button and chestnut mushrooms all sautéed with shallots, together with olive oil, truffle oil, garlic and chilli and to top of this decadent pizza, rocket leaves, to complement the tomato base. This was absolutely divine, with the chilli and garlic giving such depth to the already intense flavour of the mushrooms, this was a pizza to be enjoyed. 

If you are ever in this part of town and feel like having something a little different to your usual for lunch, then this is a great place to grab a bite. The staff are so friendly and welcoming and the food is simply exquisite. Would 100% recommend this to any one who wants Sicilian savouries in central London.

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  1. Vicky Huntley says:

    Thank you for the lovely review Mercedes. VH


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