Terrific Tropical Wholefoods

I received some goodies from Tropical Wholefoods recently and liked the way their variety. sun-dried bananas are not something I have had before, growing up I loved dried apricots and apples, but had never even thought of dried bananas. They tasted so good, like a rich deep banana taste that almost tasted like sweets, however I am assured there are now added sugars of preservatives! They are called “Bogoya” which is the Ugandan name for the variety of banana they are made from.

I also had some dried pineapple, which was so delicious, I ate the bag in one go, (oops), it was so sweet, it tasted just like fresh pineapple with a dried texture, which worked so well, I would definitely carry these around when I go out, they are the perfect snack to have to hand when on the move.

As both of the pineapple and bananas are dried at less than 42 degrees, they are also well to eat if you are eating raw foods.

The fruit bars were also pretty good, they come in 5 different flavours, consisting of fruits and nuts and have a consistency similar to a flapjack but with a much softer texture. My favourite was the date and walnut bar, the natural sweetness of the dates with the flavour of the walnuts was delicious. I love these!

If you are looking for something that is a little bit different to your everyday snack bar or dried fruit, has no added sugar or preservatives and is vegan, then Tropical Wholefoods is the way to go this Summer. You can shop directly from their website, the prices are reasonable and they have so many foodies to try.

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