Scrumptious Sowans

The delightful people at Sowan’s sent me some of their fantastic Irish products to use at home. They sent some baking mixtures such as Date and Chia Seed Muffin Mix, Vanilla Cupcake Mix, Chocolate Brownie Mix and Mega Spelt Bread Mix, as well as sending some wonderful amaranth and quinoa.

All the mixes were gluten free and vegan, they just needed to be veganised as some of the mixtures would ask that you add milk, eggs or butter, so I just changed this for vegan alternatives and they all worked out great for me.

I loved the Date and Chia Seed Muffin Mix, it really was delicious, it made such a nice batch of muffins to have for breakfast and they were so gorgeous with the dates creating such a wealth of healthy sweetness and the chia seeds added some nice texture also.

The Vanilla Cupcake Mix, which was also gluten free, was so tasty, I made these with a little oil to substitute an egg and then added in some water just to make the mix a bit wetter. They tasted delicious and I mixed some cacao powder in with half of the mix so that it made chocolate cupcakes and this worked well also.

The Chocolate Brownie mix, I decided to use coconut milk with for added sweetness and as alternative to butter and eggs. In hindsight, I would probably have used a little less milk, but the flavour nevertheless was exceptional. The richness of the brownie was undeniable, it was such a great treat.

I used the quinoa for a peppery stew with vegetables which worked out very well and for someone who loves quinoa, this was a very well received addition to my cupboards! It’s such a lovely thing to use in food because of the 3 different colours of quinoa, it really looks so pretty on the plate.

As for the amaranth, I have never had this before and really wanted to try it after seeing it being used in many recipes on YouTube and IG. I plan to use this throughout the Summer in salads and soups, as I have seen.

I really liked this brand and the way that their mixes allow you to cook at home without too much trouble, easily veganising the dishes without having to prep much, these are ideal for when you have a rainy day and want to bake with the kids, or if you want to make something special that is gluten free and easy.

They also sent me some almond butter with chia seeds, which was divine, I had this with strawberry jam for a twist on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and it was incredible. I have never had almond butter before but am a peanut butter lover, however, after tasting almond butter, I would say I prefer it. I used it on my porridge as well which added such a decadent creaminess to it. Would highly recommend these products, loved them all!

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  1. love this! beautiful post!


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