Krazy Good Kookie Cat

Kookie Cat sent me some delicious cookies to try, I have had smaller cookies, as in a pack of cookies since becoming vegan but have struggled to find anything bigger than that, so this was epic! The cookies come in several flavours, but for me the pineapple and orange was so different to any cookie I had ever tasted before that it really stood out for me, so much that I would probably say that this was my favourite.

I did like the more traditional flavour combinations as well though, such as Chia Lemon, Vanilla Choc Chip, Cacao Nibs Walnut, Hemp Cacao. They were all fabulous, I loved the fact that I could dip them in my tea as well, trust me, this is a real plus for me, any one who knows me, will tell you I am never without tea for more than an hour.
The packaging is worth an instant smile, its bright and cute but simple at the same time, which makes the packaging of the cookies seem so much more vivid, each flavour comes in a different brightly colour packet.

The cookies are handcrafted and their sweet taste comes from coconut blossom nectar, which make such a change from usual cookies, and they are all palm oil free. If you’re vegan, or just fancy trying a different type of cookie, then give these a go! There is a flavour for everyone.

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