Déjeuner at Raison D’etre

Deep in the heart of South Kensington lies Raison D’etre, a gorgeous relaxed cafe, that is perfect for a bite to eat and a coffee. I popped in earlier this week and was quite taken back by how this cafe clearly was quite the centre of the community, with customers flocking in continuously, it was clear to see that this cafe had secured local regulars, which is always a good sign.

The owner Matt could not have been kinder to myself and my Dad, who accompanied me for lunch. With that being said, all of the staff were attentive and very kind. This was apparent by the interaction with the regulars as well as new customers such as myself.

Explaining that I am vegan and being aware that this cafe is not vegan, Matt asked what I would like from the menu that could be made vegan. I opted for their ‘Le Tariano’, which consisted of grilled peppers, artichokes, sundried tomatoes, grilled onions, aubergine and za’atar, it should also come with emmental, but we left that out, making it an incredible panini. 

To add to my delightful visit ,I had a fantastic salad, with tomatoes, black olives, sweetcorn, onions, peppers, avocado, rocket and artichoke. It was absolutely delicious, generous enough for 2 to share though my Dad didn’t really get a look in, (sorry Dad). It was so fresh and tasty, especially the artichoke, which is probably one of my favourite things to eat.

To wash it all down, my Dad had a fresh orange juice, that was juice right in front of us and I had ‘The Major’ which consisted of apple, lemon and ginger, in perfect balance with one another. This was a great accompaniment to the salad and the panini.

Although this is not a vegan restaurant, it is possible to remove the cheese from the veggie sandwiches, for an instant delight. I could not recommend this place highly enough. It is absolutely perfect for when you are hitting the museums or shops around South Kensington, located down Brute Street, which is a short walk from South Kensington station and all the museums, just make sure you aren’t heading down there on a Sunday as they are closed, but perfect for lunch any other day of the week, you may even see me down there, as I will be frequenting this place during the summer, especially for their soy latte, which was probably the best I have had so far. This place deserves to be visited when in London, check it out and let me know how your experience is.

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