Sumptious Snact 

I tried some fruit jerky from Snact the other day for the first time. Snact was founded in 2013 Ilana and Michael who set themselves the task to help stop with food going to waste.

Their packaging has been compostable since 2016 and therefore their products are not only great for your snacks, the packaging is good for the environment. I think that this is fantastic as it shows a healthy attitude towards eating and then environment, well done guys!

I tasted the apple and mango flavour first, it was very interesting. Interesting in a good way, I should add. The texture was different to how I would expect solidified fruit to be, it was a very nice texture though and the flavours of the fruits were very apparent. 

I really like the apple and mango flavour, this was my favourite but the blueberry and apple was also delicious. They are perfect for something different in your lunch box and would be great for kids as an alternative to something less healthy.

All 3 flavours are gluten free and vegan, which is since they are made entirely from pressed fruit which is amazing to know, as then this delicious snack becomes immediately guilt free. Perfect for a snack to keep in your bag for on the move or when craving something sweet!

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