Paradisiacal Pandora Bell

Pandora Bell sent me some delicious goodies to try, Classic Sweet Liquorice, Smoked Liquorice, Real Fruit Jellies and Blackberry and Champagne Sweets. Founded by Nicole Dunphy, Pandora Bell have been making delectable sweets since 2009.

The fruit jellies are made from 70% fruit pulp and are incredible. They are decadently filled with flavours of real strawberry, apricot, lemon, raspberry and pear, which is beautifully covered in a sugar coating. They are melt in your mouth jellies that are so fruity and you can really taste the fruit in each individual flavour.

I love liquorice, and as a child would eat copious amounts of liquorice all sorts, so it was a real treat to try both the classic sweet and the smoked liquorice. I liked them both, perhaps the sweet a bit more, as it was the traditional kind I am used to. Both had intense flavour and were very nice, the consistency of the liquorice was just as I remember. It was almost like an adult version of my childhood sweets. 

The blackberry and champagne sweets, were divine, a really great treat. The flavour combination worked so well and they were decadent and moreish at the same time, each sweet adding an intense amount of flavour.

My favorites’ were probably the fruit jellies as there were just delicious, I would genuinely be able to finish at least 3 bags before needing a rest. Though, it is fair to say that they were all of exceptional quality and outstanding flavour. Perfect for Summer treats and gifts for loved ones, (or yourself).

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