Godly Goupie

The generous people at Goupie sent me some delicious chocolates to devour and that is pretty much what I did instantly. I of course had a moment in solitude with my eyes closed enjoying how good these were, when I say these were good, I mean good. I received two flavours the original and date and walnut.

Goupie hand-make all of their flavours down on a farm factory in Kent. The original Goupie recipe came from Grandma Noble, and has been adapted  make 17 distinct flavours. They currently have 13 vegan friendly options, and are looking make the entire range vegan.

The original 54% Belgian chocolate blend is the closes to Grandma Noble’s recipe, which I can only imagine would be just as divine. These chocolates are melt in mouth delicious, they were nothing like I had expected at all. They were so deliciously refined, that I wanted to eat more and believe me the portions are already very generous.

The date and walnut flavour however, took me somewhere else, it was just ridiculous to eat, they were genuinely one of the best chocolates that I have ever eaten. I cannot believe how good they are in fact, I almost don’t want to share how good they are in fear that they may be permanently sold out. 

They are unbelievably delicious, so if you are going to be sharing them with friends I suggest you buy more than one box, because they make sharing impossible and believe me, I really did try to share but they were just so intricate with the flavours and the textures of the date and walnuts that it really was a 2 second decision to keep these to myself.

 I would highly recommend these as a Friday night treat, they are indulgent enough that finishing the box will seem like and effortless task! Absolutely divine!

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