Cheeky Choc Chick

Being vegan has its perks, and by perks, I mean chocolate! Vegan chocolate is something that I couldn’t quite get my head around being a problem as I have always loved dark chocolate so the transition wasn’t as big for me as I had heard. 

Until very recently I had never made my own chocolate, which is a bit of a surprise in hindsight, because I eat factory loads on a regular basis. However, Choc Chick sent me some cacao butter and cacao powder, so I thought it would be rude to not try it out…

Armed with an ice cube tray and a saucepan, I began and it was not anywhere near as hard as I thought it would be, in fact, it took less than 10 minutes to make it and then the freezer did the rest of the work. I mixed it up a bit by adding some orange oil and agave, to give it a bit of sweetness and this was absolutely incredible. I love chocolate, I love orange and for some reason whenever I make something myself I feel like I should like it a bit more because I put the effort in!
The cacao butter and powder is entirely organic and they taste so rich, with the powder I have also made some delectable hot chocolates which are so rich that it really did make for a decadent treat, (or two). In regards to the chocolate itself, once it had been formed in the ice cube trays it was just a matter of popping them out and enjoying them, they kept well in the fridge, until I finished them, which was about 2 days.

I am yet to try making the chocolate with mint oil, though I will be trying this as I think it will work well and you can really get creative with the chocolate making as you are starting from scratch, if you haven’t tried it already, then I really recommend it. Not only can you make the chocolate exactly to your own taste, you can make pretty little gifts for friends and relatives as well. Believe me, if I can do it, you can!!

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