Saunter to Spaghetti House

I had a marvellous time at Spaghetti House in Duke Street, London on Friday. Spaghetti House is not a vegan restaurant, though the menu offers plenty of vegan options. The staff were really knowledgeable about the ingredients in every dish and were really helpful. Being a restaurant, that is a moment away from Oxford Street the restaurant was busy, which I would expect on a Friday afternoon, however, the staff were really attentive, the food was served at a good pace and was all presented beautifully.

I stopped off on my travels for dinner and had a very satisfying fill of food. I started off with an Aperol Spritz, as a much-needed aperitif, after a very long day. Aperol is a wonderful Italian aperitif made primarily from bitter orange which gave the glass a pretty orange glow, mixed with Prosecco and some soda water and we were away!

Followed by an indulgent bowl of olives, consisting of Gaeta, Cerignola, Leccino and my favourites – Nocellara, all served on ice. This was followed by another favourite of mine – avocado, in a lemon dressing on bruschetta with sun-dried tomatoes and sunflower seeds, it was absolutely delicious. On the menu this starter comes with a boiled egg on top, however, they were more than happy to serve it without the egg, to make it vegan. I could happily eat this dish every day, it was so good, I am going to attempt to make it myself.

For my main I decided to go for the gluten free pasta option, which was a penne arrabbiata, the waitress explained that as the pasta was gluten free it may be slightly more al dente, though, I actually prefer my pasta like this, so this was not an issue. The tomato sauce the pasta was coated in was so good, it was spicy with the heat of the chilli but so rich with the flavour of the tomatoes. There were cherry tomatoes in the pasta that were so delightful with the spicy sauce.  It was a generous portion considering it was £9.50, which is a very reasonable price, considering the location.

I added a green salad to the main for some green goodness. The salad consists of baby gem lettuce, rocket, samphire and avocado in a citrus dressing. I chose to have the avocado on the side because my love for avocado is so real, that I just wanted to add it to my pasta as well! The samphire was such a wonderful thing with the citrus dressing, I also added some balsamic vinegar for some extra zing. It added a refreshing element to my main from the rich pasta.

For dessert, I opted for the mango sorbet, which I love and make at home. It did not disappoint, it was so smooth and intense with mango. I became slightly anti-social at this point of the meal as I need to concentrate on my moment of joy. Could not recommend this more!

I finished it all of with a mint tea, as I would usually when eating out. It came with a thoughtful,  vegan dark chocolate, which I really appreciated as I usually can’t eat the chocolates at the end of a meal. I sipped this as I needed to compose myself to leave and make my way home, after devouring what felt like the entire restaurant.

I had such a great time at Spaghetti House and even though they aren’t a vegan restaurant, their vegan options were great. I would average £30 per head would be adequate to have a great meal in this lovely restaurant, the portion sizes are very generous. There is the option to dine alfresco, weather permitting of course. It is a wonderful place to pop in when in the area.

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