Charcoal Genius 

When it comes to carrying water around with me, it goes without saying. I always carry a bottle of water, just in case, as you never know where the day might take you and for me, it gives me the assurance that I will be hydrated, that is why I have been on the search for a bottle that is portable and stylish, with a good filtration system, as I have mentioned in my previous water related blogs, I like to ensure that there are as few nasties in my water as possible, which is where Box Appetit come along with their fancy Eau Good which uses active Binchotan charcoal to filter the water, not only does this look pretty, you can tell the difference big time when drinking the water. 

The charcoal filters out chlorine and most nasties you would expect to find in your tap water, I use bottle water as I do not drink water with fluoride in it, but the taste from filtering it, makes it worthwhile. When this water is chilled and filtered in the fridge overnight, it makes the water taste so fresh, it really is such a great thing, when you are thirsty and on the move.

The water should ideally be left to filter for 8 hours, which is why I put mine in the fridge overnight ready for the next morning, I use this bottle purely for when I am outside and it is enough to keep me going until I return home.

The bottles come in an array of colours, and you can opt for a glass or plastic bottle, whichever version of this genius you chose, you’re going to be looking awesome when you strut along with this in your hand!

The cork on the top of the bottle keeps everything secure which means that if you’re anything like me, skipping down the road won’t be an issue either!

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