Venture to The Vegan Hippo

The lovely people at Vegan Hippo invited me to have lunch, so I popped along yesterday. Vegan Hippo is located down Rupert Street, London, which is a short walk from Leicester Square or Piccadilly Circus Station.

I absolute love the the concept in which you mark your table when you order, by picking a toy animal from a bowl, I chose the brightly coloured octopus. The atmosphere in the restaurant was perfect, not too noisy but not so silent that when I drop things, (which I always do), it affords a stare. The staff were friendly and my food was ready in no time at all which is good, as I hate waiting for food, I am always too hungry to be patient!

Their menu had burger options, but I really fancied a hot dog, so opted for their hot dog with all the toppings as well as a side of cheesy chips, which were epic. Cheesy chips were pretty much my main meal at college, I loved them so it was a real treat to be able to have them again. Vegan cheese tastes so much better as well, so it was even nice than I remembered.

The hot dog, was so much better than I imagined it to be, a perfectly tender hot dog, with onions, cheese, mustard and ketchup in a decadent bun, it was such a treat. I would estimate it took me less than 10 minutes to clear the plate.

The restaurant is very busy, but still remains quaint, it is somewhat of a hidden treasure and it is somewhere I would definitely take my vegan and non vegan friends for a delicious meal, that is reasonably priced and VEGAN! I would estimate that a meal here would cost approximately £15 – £20 a head, which considering it is London, is extremely reasonable.

If you haven’t got time to sit down and enjoy a meal, you can order to take away and if you are just wanting something light, they also have a sandwich fridge that has lots of goodies in it too, for a quick grab and go lunch. If you have got time however, I recommend sitting in and enjoying your food and perhaps reading one of the many vegan books that are dotted around the restaurant. Highly recommend this place, to vegans and non-vegans.

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