Slurp-tastic Noodles

The incredible people at Ilumi sent me some noodles to try out, I received 3 different flavours noodles, Sweet Chilli, Singapore Style and Tom Yum Gai, all gluten free and of course vegan!

The sweet chilli have some good heat to them, with a surprising amount of flavour, considering they only take 4 minutes to make, I loved the way that the noodles were so well seasoned.

I make Singapore noodles quite often, usually as a snack with a lot of garlic and usually broccoli thrown in for a bit of texture, so these noodles made a refreshing change. As these noodles only take 4 minutes to make it is a joy to be able to not have any washing up and with Ilumi making these so healthy, you need not feel guilty either.

I love Tom Yum Gai and on this occasion I was really taken back by how much flavour had managed to make its way into these rice noodles. The warmth of the ginger and chilli really carried through the noodles.

I often find when I buy less healthy noodles of this kind, that the flavour seems to become almost like a soup rather than attaching itself to the noodles, this was not the case with Ilumi and the rice noodles in each flavour were cooked to perfection every time. 

All you have to do is removed the seasoning sachet from the container, sprinkle it over the noodles, fill with boiling water to the line and voila, they will be ready in 4 minutes, it is important though that you stir before eating, this just allows all of the noodles to separate beautifully. These are perfect for lunches particularly if you want something quick while at work, just to be careful not to slurp too loudly in the office!!

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