Delicious Dragonfly

Recently Dragonfly Foods sent me some product to try out so have been using them to cook with and now that I have worked my way through the range that they had sent me, I thought I should share it with all of my readers. I am so impressed with their range, genuinely did not realise how extensive their product range was.

Being rather particular about tofu, I have tried so many, I love to scramble it or breakfast, I grill it for lunch and bake it for dinner, so it has to be good tofu for me, as I eat so much of it. Dragonfly sent me a natural tofu as well as a marinated tofu, so I thought it best to make my breakfast scrambled tofu with the natural block, it crumbled so well and created a wonderfully textured scramble. All I added was some turmeric and black pepper and it was ready within minutes. I ate the Devonshire Soysages, for breakfast with the tofu and they were delightful, they had a surprising texture and were very filling, which for me is a great thing!

I don’t usually buy marinated tofu because I marinate my own with tomato puree and herbs and spices depending on what I am eating with it that day, so it was a new experience for me to try a pre-marinated tofu. I really loved the taste, it was not over powering but still gave the tofu a gorgeous depth of flavour, it came in two blocks, which made it even easier to pop half in a pan for a few minutes and eat in a sandwich for lunch and then grill the other half later for quick dinner.

I also received 3 types of their burgers, vegetable burger, walnut and almond burger and the Mexican Spice burger and seeing as I am on the hunt for the best burgers to serve this summer to friends, especially on camping trips which these would be ideal for. I really couldn’t decide on which burger was my favourite, as they were all so distinct in flavour, but if I had to choose I would probably go for the vegetable burger as it was absolutely delicious, this is not to say the rest were not yummy, but this one in particular proper beats them to favourite. The texture was phenomenal and I will definitely be taking these camping!

If that wasn’t enough, I also had Thai Green Curry Tofu Pot which was filled with beautiful big chunky pieces of tofu and courgette, ideal for lunch or dinner, as it was very filling. The Moroccan Tagine pot was also a delight, with chickpeas and butternut squash consumed with in a smokey aromatic sauce, this is a winner for when you want something different for lunch.

I absolutely loved the products that I tried and could not recommend them enough, especially the burgers and tofu, which will be featured in my Summer section coming at the end of the month, so keep an eye out for that folks!

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