Mediterranean Bliss!

The lovely people at Organico, sent me some of their amazing products to try out, and I must say – I am impressed. These guys claim their quality ‘starts from the soil’, with all their products being organic Mediterranean delights.


To be fair, anyone who gifts me with vegan pesto is sure to create a smile on my face, however, this pesto was exceptionally bold, and bold is the way to go with pesto. The pesto was rich in flavour, from the basil and garlic, with the walnut and tofu completing this sandwich staple food. Since this little pot of joy arrived I have attempted to slather it into any sandwich possible, though would say it worked best with vegan cheese, beetroot and of course, her Majesty the avocado.


If you have read my blogs before then you will probably already know that I love aubergines, I just can’t get enough of their ability to create this decadent smoky yet, creamy flavour. It is such a wonderful ingredient, and Organico have really showcased this with their aubergine dip/spread, that is punchy with its aubergine characteristics being elevated with the taste of garlic, tomato, lemon and paprika, this went so well with the rubata.


I received two types of rubata, the carrot and the tomato, both being rather splendid and utterly moreish, it became impossible to stop eating them. Especially with the aubergine dip and some houmous that I added to the mix!

Then to finish of the goodies, I received some gorgeous Carnaroli rice, straight from the Northern Po Valley of Italy. It absorbed the stock well and made a beautiful leek and mushroom risotto.

It is fair to say that I loved these products and would highly recommend them, the dips are perfect for an evening of entertaining and I would serve the risotto at a dinner party most definitely. It is two thumbs up from me!!

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