Harissa = Life

Harry Brand have sent me some of their Harissa Chilli Sauce to try and when I say, this blew my mind, I mean physically as well as mentally! It is packed with chilli and for someone such as myself to rate the chilli measurements, then you know they must be seriously spicy.

Harissa is most closely linked to Tunisia though it can be found throughout Northern Africa and varies from country to country. When it comes to harissa, I don’t think there is anything more exact to say that – ‘I love you’. Yes, as you know I am a spice fiend and I will eat anything that has chillies in the mix.

Harry Brand harissa however, has another one of my favourite ingredients encased in its splendour – garlic. Ah, garlic, those wonderful bulbs of health blended with chilli and then finished off with some water and a smidgen of salt and harissa is created. The depth of flavour that comes from the warmth of the chillies with the garlic is sensational.

This perfectly created sauce makes me think of meals that I can incorporate it in to, yes – it really is I that good! I have used it on chickpeas for a punchy alternative and marinated vegan sausages to make spicy sausage bites, both has been well received.

If you like spice then these guys can certainly help you improve your meals. I will be using their sauces in a recipe to be posted over the next few weeks and if you have any recipes that include harissa then please let me know and I will attempt them myself, full credit will be given. Seriously, everyone, you have to try this!


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