Foxy Beetroot Ketchup

The cunning people at Foraging Fox have sent me their range of beetroot ketchups and let me tell you, I am a convert. Fun fact: as a child, I was petrified of tomato ketchup, so it has only been in last 5 or so years, I have eaten it.

I have always found that I preferred the smaller brands rather than the big named brands as they didn’t have such an artificially sweet taste. This is where Foraging Fox comes in, they have mastered naturally sweet ketchup, which is such a delight, because I know that I am not eating any artificial colourings, flavours or sweeteners with their ketchups.IMG_20170409_142817_849

If being a healthy solution to your ketchup problems wasn’t enough, they have 3 types of ketchup, the original, which as their bottles state is ‘good with everything’, I have had this with breakfast most mornings and dinner, when required since I received the bottle, it works particularly well with wedges!

Then there is the smoked version, which is absolutely to die for, it has this amazing barbecue aroma to it and really works well with vegan scampi, sausages and in burgers, makes the whole thing perfecto!


Finally, there is the hot version and this let me tell you, is hot, it is seriously warm on the tongue and makes a welcomed addition to basically anything, yes, I am a hot sauce kind of girl and where there can be spice as far as I am concerned, there will be spice. This sauce has such depth to it, that I use it to marinate my tofu, when I want a spicy meal.IMG_20170426_123718_592.jpg

I am obsessed with these sauces and will be making sure that I stock up on these, before the Summer as they are my summer go to ketchup! If you haven’t tried them already give them a go!

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