Terra Vegane

I am a lover of Mac & Cheese it is something that I have been eating more of as I grow up and can usually consume quite a fair amount in one sitting. I love the texture, the taste is that of instant comfort food and it really is one of those foods that just makes me happy when eating it. So when Terra Vegane sent me some vegan ‘mac and cheez’ to try out, well it really wasn’t long before I was tucking in to my first helping.
They make all of their produce in Berlin, they make a range of vegan goodies. I started off by trying their Classic Cheddar style version, which was so good, I actually ate it with my eyes closed. It was beyond delicious, in fact it was so good that I ate pretty much the whole box in one sitting. It was so moreish that it really wasn’t hard to eat the whole thing and as it is so easy to make it really is a perfect addition to any meal.
wp_ss_20170425_0001 (2).png
I then tried their Alfredo White Sauce version, which I added some carrots and leeks to for that ultimate creamy delight, this did not fail to meet up to the expectation of its sumptuous cheddar rival, in fact it was more of a subtle flavour with a great depth of creamy deliciousness and was thoroughly enjoyed, when adding with the leeks and carrots, it bulked out the pasta, allowing me to enjoy this over 2 sittings.
I would suggest that each pack may serve 4 but for someone who is as in love with Mac & Cheese as I am, it really isn’t hard to polish off the whole lot in one go.
Terra Vegane also sent me some lovely Black Bean burgers, that were awesome. The reason they were awesome is not because they tasted like a usual burger, these were entirely different. They were dense, tasty and full of protein. Which is always a great thing! These burgers were huge, which meant that they were perfect for a large wholemeal bun and enjoyed entirely.
I am a huge fan of Terra Vegane and the products that I have tasted so far, I cannot wait to try the rest of the range, and will post again when I have tasted more of this vegan goodness.

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