Traders Wine Bar

I had such a great time at Traders last weekend, I was lucky enough to arrive just as the sun did and it made the location even more stunning. Traders is located right in the heart of St Katherine Docks, it is a gorgeous place for the summer.

It did not stop there, the nibbles that we were given to accompany the fantastic selection of wines, really made such a great addition. When speaking to the super friendly and knowledgable staff at Traders, they advised they are looking in to expanding their range of vegan items on the menu, though what I ate worked superbly with the wine and I think it is fair to say that this is a great find.


I would recommend Traders, for a first date, because it is in such a perfect setting, however, it is also a perfect location for a sophicated glass (or 5), of wine, on your way to the theatre or even for dinner, with its relaxed ambience, it is easy to get lost for hours, in conversation, which is exactly what I did.

Before I begin to talk about the wines that I tasted during my afternoon here, I must first congratulate the staff on their impecable knowledge of wine, not only did they explain every single glass of wine that we tasted in great depth, they also assured us that should we want to ask them to choose a wine for us based on our own particular palettes and preference, they would be more than able to with their plethora of wine knowledge. This makes me very happy as I will confess I am not a wine expert, so often go for the most common wines, when ordering whilst out. I would be great to go back to Traders and allow the staff to choose me a perfect glass with confidence.

Anyway, as promised, on to the wine itself. I tasted several wines, whilst at Traders, beginning with the whites – I started with a Chateau Ste Michelle, Dry Riesling, which I believe usually comes from Germany, however, this bottle came from America from the Columbia it was a 2015 wine, which had such a wonderfully sweet and light wine.

The riesling was a great contrast to the second glass of white which was the Bordeaux Blanch, Chateaux Panchille, 2015 bottle, this had a much more of an elderflower node and a much dryer wine in comparison.

The third wine was a Chardonnay, from Macon Village which again was a 2015 bottle, this however was my favourite of the three whites, as it had a wonderful undertone of oak, something that I didn’t think would compliment a white wine but on the contrary it worked so well, especially with the nibbles!

When it came to the red wine, (which is my favourite wine of choice), I started with the Pinot Noir, Carmel Road, 2014 bottle, from the US with such a full flavour, I scented a hint of the oakiness as mentioned before with the Chardonnay, however this for me was more apparent in this wine.

I then had had the delightful Syrah, Chateau Ste Michelle, a 2013 bottle and what a delight this was a soft and fruity wine that would may perhaps cause me to over induldge if I had a whole bottle beside me, as it was so easy to drink it, perfect for eating with a meal.

Followed by the first and only South African wine of the day – Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot, from Morgenster, with a 2003, corker (excuse pun!), this was such a wonderful wine the ripe tannins were so apparent with this wine, it had a bold flavour that would allow top be served with any meal and for me was probably the best of all.

Moving on to the Rose wine, which has never really been my forte, as I have often found the flavour balance, hit my palette with rather an acidic taste, however, always open to trying new things, and being in the very capable hands of Traders, I decided I would try the Rose, starting with the Chateau Sainte-Marguerite, a french 2015 bottle of rose, with a punchy fresh rose, that dare I say, would be my go to for a summer’s day rose session. It had a wonderful crisp taste that allowed my predjuce of rose to dispiate with every sip.

Followed by the Villa Mura Rose, an Italian wine which had an aroma of berries and would be very nice with a dessert (or perhaps as dessert!), either way this wine was a very nice conclusion to the wine tasting and made for a wonderful finale.

I would highly recommend Traders, for a place to have a great time, it really is such a beautiful place to sit and relax with some wine and nibbles

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