Amen to Ramen

I wanted to make something for Thai New Year and as I had some black spaghetti from Explore Cuisine, I thought I may as well try them in the mix. The spaghetti are made entirely from organic black beans, and I so thought the would work well in a stir fry.

I mixed them with some diced carrots and broccoli in a Thai sweet chilli sauce. I boiled the spaghetti for a few minutes and then drained them, threw them in with the vegetable mix and stirred through on a low heat, adding a bit more sauce. The texture of the spaghetti worked so well with the stir fry, I like the fact that it held its shape and didn’t go mushy. I also really like the way that they were almost creamy from the strong taste of the beans.


I also loved the fun element of having something different on my plate, I love to have lots of colour on my plate and the noodles looked great. I have also used them in a Buddha bowl that I may with some harissa chickpeas, cubed cucumber, spicy beetroot and some Houmous, they were great.

My favourite recipe to use these in by far has been my idea of a Ramen, now this is by no means a traditional ramen, however, it is very tasty, healthy and pretty. I love the idea of Japanese food, for me, I am often scared to try and cook Japanese food as I don’t have the ingredients etc., that is why I have made this dish with ingredients that I would imagine most people already have at home.

My recipe will serve 2 comfortably, though if you want to make it for more then doubling up the quantities will work.

Ingredients –

4 tablespoons x garlic puree

4 tablespoons x lemongrass puree

4 tablespoons x tomato puree

4 tablespoons x ginger puree

1.5 litres x vegan stock

100g/(1/2 pack) x Explore black bean spaghetti 

1 x carrot, chopped into batons

2 cups x spring greens, sliced

2 x spring onions diced

2 x sweet red peppers, diced

2 tablespoons x black pepper

2 tablespoons x hot paprika

Method –

1. Add stock to a pan and bring to the boil, then add the garlic, lemongrass, ginger and tomato puree and stir well.

2. Allow to simmer on a low to medium heat for 5-10 minutes.

3. In a separate pan, place the greens covering boiling water, allow to boil for 10 minutes or so on a medium to high heat.

4. After the greens have started to reduce, pour ½ of the green water into the stock, stir well.

5. When greens are tender, remove from heat and drain well.

6. Align the carrots around the outside of the bowl you are serving the ramen in, leaving space for 2 spoonful’s of the greens to be place on the side also.


7. Place black spaghetti in a pan, covering with boiling water, allow to boil for minutes.

8. Drain the noodles immediately and place in the centre of the bowl.

9. Use a ladle to pour the stock mix around the noodles.

10. Serve immediately for best results.

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