Vegan Scampi

As a child, I would love to go to Jack’s fish and chip shop with my grandparents, especially when my Nan’s sister and her husband would come to stay with them, we would sit in the fish and chip shop and I would always have scampi and chips, it is such a fond memory for me, I remember feeling very grown up for eating ‘with the adults’ and remember when I became old enough to question scampi, being all too happy to remain ignorant as it would taint the memories.

Anyway, enough about me and my life, scampi is what I am talking about today, vegan scampi, yes! I no longer must wonder what ‘fish’ was in the scampi, as with Vbites this is not an issue, vegan scampi, that is made with lemon and black pepper bread crumbs and tastes so good, I almost cried! No, seriously, food makes me emotional.

You may have read my reviews on vegan fish from Vbites before and how much I love it. It tastes so delicious and I will have this as a treat as often as I possibly can, I really love the texture that the scampi and the fish have. The scampi is perfect for a light snack and will definitely be featuring in my freezer throughout the year.

Perfect with the Beetroot ketchup that I will be blogging about very shortly, by Foraging Fox. I genuinely recommend trying these Scampi bites either in a very delicious sandwich with gherkins and vegan mayo or in a bowl with a great dollop of ketchup. They bring back such great memories for me and remind me that I am having a cruelty free future ahead.

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