Hurray for Hippeas

Hippeas are so unusually brilliant! This may sound odd to say about a product, but eat flavour is so different and the textures also change, which makes eating them fun. They come in five flavours that are all delicious, I love the fact they do a cheese flavour, that is vegan. This boosted my ratings for them. My favourites flavour would have to be ‘Sweet & Smokin’’ or ‘In Herbs We Trust’, to best honest I loved them all but these two stood out for me, I liked the fact they were moreish and they are must for picnics.

They are so different from crisps, or any other savoury treat that I have feasted upon, they have this lightness to them that makes eating numerous packs at one time easy but at the same time, I also found that the flavour built upon the palette the more you eat, which means that eating them with friends will involve nodding in approval, due to your mouths being full, with enjoyment.


The snacks themselves are made from chickpeas which make the most delicious base for these puffs, they are vegan, contain no MSG or trans fats, they are also gluten free, which is all awesome, but to add to this, they are a great source of protein with 2.8g per every 22g serving and also are a good source of fibre, which means that you can’t really go wrong with eating these beauties.

I will be serving some of these at one of my summer barbeques this year and I am certain that people will be swarming around the bowl, what makes these puffs special is that they are unique and give a variety to the snack cupboard, which is always a good thing.

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