Burger Bliss

In my latest venture to find the best foods for this Spring/Summer, I have come across, possibly the best burger I have ever had, vegan of course. I have had my fair share of burgers and let me tell you I have discovered some absolute beauties along the way, but when it comes to a burger that I would serve my non-vegan friends and family, this burger just stood out from the rest.

What burger do you ask? The burger I am referring to is the Vbites Peri Peri burger, it is so tasty, the Peri Peri seasoning is pretty much how you would expect a succulent cruelty free burger to taste. It was packed with the spice, that you would expect from a Peri Peri burger. Peri Peri translated from Swahili to mean pepper pepper, which for me takes me straight back to Kenya, and the flavour that I tasted when there. The depth of flavour in this burger is for me why I would choose this to serve. It has such a great taste, you really have to try them to believe how good they are!

I served mine with a mixed salad of baby spinach, lamb’s lettuce, sweet red pepper, grated carrot, cubed cucumber and beetroot and some paprika fries, if you wanted to spice up your chips a bit more then you can add some garlic salt with the paprika before adding them to the chips. The burger itself was a delight when served in a wholemeal bun, with fresh baby romaine lettuce, vegan cheese and some ketchup for good measure. These burgers are perfect for a summer get together and will be featured in my summer posts!

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