Quorn Quest

I have been vegan for almost 2 years now and until very recently had never eaten Quorn, but as I have been seeing more and more of their products in the supermarkets now have ‘vegan’ on their packaging, I thought it was only right that I tried it out.


I tried the spicy burgers and meat style pieces. The meat style pieces were good, I put them in my Thai Red Curry, as well as in wraps for lunch and still had enough to put some in my favourite hot pot mix. They add a little something extra to the plate and the pieces really take on the flavour of what you are cooking with, almost like tofu, which means that you can put them in just about any dish for some additional texture.

The spicy burgers, were smaller than I had expected though the had a great taste, they were really great for a quick snack and would definitely recommend having some in your freezer, for when you fancy a burger or something spicy. I also cut them up to make them into little bites to go on top of a salad and this worked well as well.
Most supermarkets will  have promotions on Quorn products, so always worth keeping your eyes peeled for that also!

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  1. trudi_bruges says:

    It’s been about 10 years since I ate Quorn. Their vegan range is still not available over here (BE). Don’t know whether I would buy it again though, didn’t really fancy the texture.


    1. I’d say try again and see, they have improved a lot especially with their vegan range


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