Been Eating Beanitos

It’s in my genetics to eat chips, which is why I have pretty much tried them all, so when Beanitos sent me a box of their chips, I thought it only fair to eat them all.

Beanitos chips are gluten free, but do not compromise on the texture as some other gluten free brands unfortunately do. This is great because although I don’t have a gluten intolerance, I find that gluten free products seem to cause me to bloat less, especially when I want to eat copious amounts of chips! I will always opt for gluten free options where possible, so when products such as these come as standard without gluten, it makes my life easier!
My favourite out of the 3 flavours is definitely the Black Bean chips, though all are very tasty. They have such a great texture, which means that they are perfect for dips and nachos. Don’t double dip guys, it’s gross, just saying. All of the chips have a wonderful subtle creamy flavour to them, which makes plunging them into guacamole a match made in food heaven.

These chips pack protein and if you read my blogs or my IG then you will know that I tend to search for high protein foods. Per serving these Beanitos chips have 5g of complete protein, which is not bad for a snack or with your lunch. They also have no other nasties in them, which means that you can chill when eating them!

For me, these will definitely be coming with me on future picnics and adventures, if you want to know more about these wonderful chips head over to Beanitos website.

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  1. They look well nice! Where do you live? Haven’t seen them in the UK before


    1. Think Amazon is your best bet! 🙂

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