Oh My Gosh!

Earlier this week I received some goodies to try from Gosh!, the items up for review were chickpea, courgette and Moroccan spiced bakes, topped with harissa peppers and mushrooms, puy lentils and butter bean burgers, both looking rather fancy in their packaging. I was rather excited when they arrived.

I had the bakes first for lunch and they had the most wonderful flavours, they were rich in taste and really filling, perfect for a healthy wholesome lunch. I put mine together with some Houmous, avocado, tomatoes and a salad on a bed of couscous and it was delicious as a lunch. Not only do the bakes taste great, they are healthy as 1 of your 5 a day they are packed with chickpeas, courgette, peppers, apricots, quinoa, goji berries, I could go on, but you get the drift, this is no junk food! Though it has the same satisfying feeling as something that should be naughty! Packing 6.5g protein into each bake as well at being vegan, gluten free, nut free and soya free, these guys are almost too good to be true!


When it came to the burger, made from mushrooms, puy lentils, butter beans, kale, spinach, again, could go on, but you are by now hopefully understanding these guys are not fooling around with their ingredients. The burgers are also 1 of your 5 a day, with 5.2g protein in each burger. Obviously, as you can probably imagine these healthy numbers taste like goodness, delectable goodness.

Yep, that’s right, these burgers aren’t to be underestimated. I had high expectations after the bakes and these burgers did not fail to impress, not only are they a decent sized burger, filling and packed with flavour, they are so healthy, that they make a refreshing change to any meal. I chose to eat these burgers in the best burger bun that I could find, with some cucumber, lettuce and cheese, just to give it that extra bit of burger-ness to it, (for the record, that is now a word).

I really enjoyed both products and am now on the hunt for the rest of the range as I can’t believe how tasty both items were. Perfect for barbeques and summer dining, both are so simple and quick to cook and can really be eaten with anything. The burger would work wonderfully bun-less, with some relish and salad, just as I imagine the bakes would work fantastically in a bun with avocado and houmous, these clever people at Gosh! have made some wonderfully versatile plate fillers, perfect for whenever you fancy something different, tasty and healthy for your meal.

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