Hummus Bros Blogger Event

The amazing people at Hummus Bros invited me to a blogger event at their Exmouth Market kitchen yesterday evening and I had such a good time. Earlier in the year I had tried Hummus Bros for the first time and loved their foods, which meant that going to enjoy and evening of making my own hummus bowl and devouring it was pretty much my idea of a great time.


The location is perfect for the informal, friendly service you would expect from the Hummus Bro staff, they are all so lovely and the food is delicious. The hummus obviously is out of this world, which is why make a hummus bowl could not have been more satisfying for me.


I decided to top the initial layer of hummus with a butternut and lentil curry, hidden underneath a trio of salad, tabbouleh and mushrooms, making it an epic bowl of deliciousness. I am so impressed with Hummus Bros range of vegan options and of course, for me freshness is key and their food was extremely fresh.

I also tried their fresh mint and ginger lemonade, which was so refreshing, just what was needed after a long walk. I imagine this would be a perfect pick me up beverage for lunch times because of how refreshing it is and the fact is having such a tartness from the lemons to cut through the ginger and mint to makes it a very nice drink indeed, one to be tried throughout the warmer months in the UK!


If you are close to Exmouth Market, I would recommend trying out Hummus Bros as they have such a great range of healthy vegan food and one of the best hummus bowls in town. Their hummus is so smooth and rich it must be tasted!



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