Grrrrreat Snacks!

When it comes to any day ending in the letter ‘y’ for me, sweets are a must and if you are wanting something sweet that are also 1 of your 5 a day Bear Nibbles’ range is perfect for a  guilt free snack or even as a sweet option for lunch boxes. They come in packets with different fun elements, such a monster parts, that you can play with, that is if you can resist eating them, which I admit I don’t manage often!


Yes, the lovely people at Bear Nibbles sent me some goodies to try and I really did enjoy them. Blackcurrant and beetroot claws were my favourite, made from apples, pears, blackcurrants, beetroot and black carrots, the packet states that nothing else is added, which is amazing!

Each pack has its own adorable art work perfect for children’s lunch boxes, or of course fully grown adults – duh!

There are different types of treat – the first being ‘yoyos’ which are glorious fruit rolls, then paws which have different flavours, come in entertaining options such as triceratops and polar pear and claws which feature instructions on how to build your own monster!

They have absolutely no junk in them, so you can have a fun eating something that is 1 of your five a day with no added sugar or preservatives, they are really a great alternative to other sweets treats that will make your teeth fall out.PSX_20170406_144237

If you have a liking for sour tasting goodies, then I suggest the mango and apple super sour, this is a fruit roll with a punch and is a perfect wake up call to the taste buds. If you manage to get through 10 snack varieties, which really isn’t a challenge, then you can cut out the ‘bear codes’ from each packet and send them off to receive a free spy kit and stickers, which will keep the little ones entertained for hours.

All in all, I love this company and their products, I like what they stand for with the vegan approach to no nonsense delicious sweet treats. Their fun take on packaging is something that really does bring a smile to the face, it is fun! Plant Based Piglet approved!


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