Curry in a Hurry

I really like to cook with different flavours throughout the week, this way even if I am using the same ingredients I can make a range of meals with the same base ingredients. When it comes to make curries, I like spice and for me, the hotter the better. I love the mixture of spicy with a depth of other flavours to drive the heat around your mouth, with bursts of the other ingredients zinging around too. That is why for me the balance between the heat and the depth of the flavour must be just right.

Using Shemins Red Thai Curry paste, I could make the most delicious meal in no time at all, it was packing a real punch with the heat but had the wonderful flavours you would expect to find in this Thai dish, such as lemongrass and kaffir lime bursting through at the same time. All their products are vegan, gluten free and dairy free, which means that a curry night once a week is very possible with Shemins range. They cater for the mild curry lovers as well as the bold and brave such as myself and believe me when I say, these guys know how to make a dish spicy!


The Hot Indian Curry Paste was an absolute delight, not only was it bold and unashamedly filled with heat, it had the greatest taste of garlic and ginger to tame the tongue, it made a perfect accompaniment to an aromatic Saag Aloo, which again took hardly any time at all, much less than having food delivered.


As I always say in my posts, getting people together to sit down and eat is something that I really want to encourage and with easy to make meals like this at your fingertips, it makes it that little bit easier to enjoy good, delicious, healthy food in no time at all.

You can get your hands on these pastes directly from their website, they really are worth having a few of in your fridge, for when you feel like a last-minute spice fest. I think these are a great alternative to take away foods, as you can make a curry in the same time it takes to cook the rice, which makes for an effortless meal.


I will be doing a follow up with the recipes of how I made my Thai Red Curry Vegan Style, as well as an  Hot Indian Curry, obviously, vegan also. It really is such a great thing to have curry pastes that contain nothing but what is needed to make a quick, gorgeous meal and I am very happy to have tried Shemins.

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