I have tried KOKO products recently for the first time and was impressed by the way that this vegan milk alternative worked so well, not only as a drink but in food. I thought I would try it instead of coconut milk in a Thai curry that I made and it worked so well. I found the flavour really came through when added to cereals and oats as well, making a nice change to my usual almond or oat milk.


The chocolate flavoured KOKO is so good that I drank the whole carton in 2 sittings. It is so rich and creamy but has a wonderful sweetness to go with the chocolate taste, I really enjoyed this and would recommend as an alternative to milk, especially as it works so well as a milkshake, if you wanted to add some vegan ice cream with it, I am sure it would make an even more decadent shake. It can also be warmed to make a sweet hot chocolate.


KOKO is a dairy free alternative drink range made from pressed coconut milk, which means that is it naturally lactose free and cholesterol free but packs a good dose of calcium to silence the haters. This is something special, it is different to nut milks as it has a richness to it, that means it is ideal for baking, or drinking by itself.

250ml of KOKO Dairy Free contains 37.5% of the recommended nutrient intake of calcium for an adult. Which is not bad considering it can easily be incorporated into whatever dish you are eating.

I love the flavour of these drinks and am desperately trying to get my hands on the strawberry drink and yoghurts so that I can taste more of the range. I will blog again when I have managed to hunt these down, but for now, I would definitely recommend trying these drinks.

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