Island Delight’s Vegan Patties

Let me start by saying – I LOVE PATTIES. About 10 years ago when I started working in Mayfair, there used to be a man selling patties in the shop of the station I would get off at. I can still remember biting in to my first pattie and thinking ‘oh yes, this is going to be a long lasting friendship’, and of course here I am 10 years later raving about patties.

Island Delight were kind enough to send me some of their patties to devour and that is exactly what I have been doing, they are so delicious and because they come in 2 varieties, normal and spicy, they are perfect for switching up your lunch box, they can be eaten hot or cold, though I prefer mine hot.


Island Delight was started by Wade Lyn who wanted to make authentic Jamaican patties here in the UK, using his Aunt Dell’s recipe, and I think it is fair to say that this Jamaican street food royalty, has been well represented in the transition.

Filled with delicious vegetable goodness, with potatoes, carrots, swede, onions, peas, green beans, broad beans and sweet corn they are full of flavour, have a 4.3g protein boost per pattie and are so filling. I love the fact they are so convenient and that you can eat them pretty much with anything, if I eat them for dinner, I would normally pair them with some wedges or a nice salad. I don’t think that I can explain enough how delicious they are. They are available at most supermarkets and are an affordable addition to your meals.


If you like spicy food then I would definitely opt for the spicy option as they really pack a punch. They are perfect for the summer months, when you want to eat something in the park at lunch time. I can’t promise that the summer months in London, will change to summer in Jamaica but it is a start!

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